Faculty of Natural Sciences

Division of Environmental Science

Environmental science programme was started in the year 2011 under the Department of Water and Health. The division has been training students to serve the society and environment. Division of Environmental Science has been providing skilled personnel in the field of water quality analysis, energy harnessing, air quality, climatic change, nanotechnology and has been expanding his horizons in the field of Green Technology too.

Division of Environmental Science is offering B.Sc and M.Sc Programmes to train students for industrial and academic careers and Ph.D programme for research and development. Design of Curriculum was given at most importance as it should be related to the current scenario. Eminent faculties guide students to prepare various state level and National level eligibility examinations for research and academic eminences.

Environmental science is a multidisciplinary subject, students will be studying various subjects such as chemistry, ecology, toxicology, environmental engineering remote sensing and environmental management. Students have industrial visits and field trips in their curriculum for practical and on-site hands-on experiences, as environment is not studied between four walls. Division organizes various programs on days for environmental importance such as World Water Day, World Forest Day, World Environment Day World Ozone Day. Walktons, awareness programmes (Anti Plastic, water Conservations, Forest Conservations), street plays, mimes, exhibitions are organized on these days. Students show their creativity by participating in such programmes and interacting with the public which build their confidence, in turn building the health society and environment.

Divisions also organizes national and international conferences, workshops, seminars and training programmes. One International Conference was organized in 2017 and Indo-UK Workshop was conducted in 2019