Faculty of Natural Sciences

Division of Nanoscience and Technology

Nanoscience and Technology is at a forefront of modern research today in India. It offers a huge influence in large number of industrial sectors and is set to play a pivotal role in various pharmaceutical/ biotechnological segments. Nanoscience and Technology is an applied interdisciplinary program. It is an amalgamation of biology, chemistry and physical sciences. The subject enables one to understand and master the development of structures at the subatomic and molecular levels. This unique MSc program aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge in interdisciplinary subjects, provide an overview of the exciting applications of nanoscience and technology in biological, medical and stem cell & regenerative medicine. The students will have an opportunity to develop transferable research skills (e.g. project planning, organization, communication skills and critical and lateral thinking analyses).

As an MSc student,

  • Students will learn about formulations for tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, and preparation of soap.
  • They visit cosmetic industries to gain quality assured products for market compliance
  • Bioethics and animal testing of cosmetic products.