School of Life Sciences Mysuru

Division of Molecular Biology

The division of Molecular Biology was set up in 2014 with an emphasis of enhancing and providing quality interdisciplinary education in the field of life sciences. We have overseas experienced faculty members, who are at the forefront of diverse fields that span the frontiers of biological research and discovery in the current scenario: The syllabi encompassing Molecular Cell Signalling & Functions; Functional Genomics and Proteomics; Genetic Models of Development and Disease; Molecular Medicine and Human Genetics; Cellular Radiobiology; Cancer & Stem Cell Biology & Biostatistics providing an enormous breadth and depth of research expertise and training.

Our graduate program is vibrant and thriving, and provides an outstanding platform to successfully launch into diverse career paths including those in academia, teaching, consulting, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, scientific writing, patent law, ethics, and policy. We build on the strength of our alumni community to empower our trainees for success and to make amazing things happen in Molecular Biology.