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Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

In present scenario, society needs awareness regarding their diet. The common man is gradually switching towards nutritionist and dietitians for scientifically proved information on balanced diet or modified diet. This interest in the society to gain knowledge on diet planning can lead to have a healthy life and especially in preventing the development of degenerative diseases. Nutrition/Dietetics program is the application of nutritional science in order to promote health and to treat medical conditions. The Program is for students with a strong interest in food, people, science and medicine who wish to use their knowledge to help prevent and treat disease as a registered dietitian.

Dietetic students learn how food intake and dietary requirements can be altered by illness, and how to apply therapeutic diets to treat disease. Dietetics involves translating nutritional science and information about food into practical dietary advice.

This may be aimed at the general public to promote health, or in a clinical environment to treat a wide range of medical disorders. Masters will develop the attributes, qualities, and skills considered essential for gaining employment and making an important contribution in the community they will serve.

Food and nutrition companies, apart from nutritional composition of products, are more focusing on food supplements or formulations with functional properties and therapeutic or nutraceutical value etc. In market many types of functional foods are available for all age groups and try to fulfil the requirements of people with different physiological status, during the course students will acquire the knowledge, skills and expertise required to excel in this fascinating field.